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TV Mounting has never been so easy. Enter the code that you see on your TV in order to install and activate. We made the process simpler, faster and more reliable for you. With just a call to schedule the appointment with our technician to help you understand the preciseness and angles to install the mount, we can make it easy yet keep it the things pocket friendly for you.

Begin Your Journey into Entertainment with Roku

The Roku is a popular device with compatible across platforms. It offers a streaming service, opening up vast vistas of entertainment for you. Some subscription options allow you the viewing of live cable as well. However, Roku’s main fare is as good as cable, but way cheaper. First, create an Roku account and thereafter go to Roku in order to enter the activation code received. When the software is updated then activation code will be surely displayed on your TV

Roku Technical Support Number +1-888-277-0610. Roku Support Number +1-888-277-0610 is available 24/7, they additionally provide Roku Activation code to the users and various types of roku devices.

Creating Roku link/Roku Account Setup

To get started, go to Roku.At the ‘Welcome to your Roku Account’ screen, click on ‘create account’. Thereafter you have to enter Name, Mail, Password, and Verify password. Complete the process by clicking ‘continue’.

  • Go to
  • Click the link to sign in.
  • Go to 'Create Account'.
  • 'Step 1' - You need to fill in the email address you want to use and the password for the Roku account.
  • 'Step 2' - Enter a PIN to authorize buy on the Roku stor..

Setting up

The set up process is simple. The set top box connects the TV to the HDMI. Composite connectivity is supported as well. The Roku stick can be plugged directly to the TV’s HDMI port. The set top box will have signal boosters as well.

Once the hardware is plugged in, all you have to do is turn on power, and follow the instructions as they appear on the screen. The remote can be synced and paired by inserting accompanying batteries. The device is then connected to the network.
Help Line Number +1-888-277-0610

Wireless Set-up

Roku link activation process (wired and wireless connections)

From Roku’s homepage scroll down to settings; here choose the option ‘network’.

Now, choose either ‘wired’ or ‘wireless.

Wired: an Ethernet cable is used to connect Roku to the router.

Wireless: a wireless signal performs the configuration and set up to the Wi-Fi.

Network Connection

Click on ‘set up new wireless connection’, and the player provides a list;

Enter password on the virtual keyboard;

Check the network screen to see if the Status is ‘connected’ and the signal strength is ‘excellent’.

Now, an Roku link will appear on the screen.

How to find Roku link from TV?

Enter Roku link Enter code

Roku players have to undergo an Roku link Enter code process to activate the player. Go to Roku/link on a browser.

Account on Roku

Visit website and submit the code;

Preferences can be added to the account;

The serial number of the Roku device will be available on ‘my account’ under ‘linked devices’;

Do not be worried by syncing delays;

If the screen seems to freeze, go to the player again to generate another code.

Troubleshoot activation issues by calling our helpline

Entertainment unlimited by Roku

There is a wide variety of channels available. Along with free channels, you have a range of paid channels to choose from.

Expect a new selection of channels on offer the coming year.

The best of the market is available through Roku. You can opt for radio channels as well. You can even opt for Spotify.

Various player models are available, depending on your personal selection of channels. We have everything that you could possibly desire: even Netflix and HBO. The chosen channels have to be added to your account. Be aware that private channels have codes.

Roku Activation Issues:

Roku Error Code 001 – this means that the device is unconnected.

Roku Error Code 003 – this means that the Roku server updates are not reaching the TV.

Roku Error Code 009 – this means ‘ no internet’.

Roku Error Code 014 – this means the device is unable to find the local network.

For all issues regarding installation and configuration, please call our helpline.

Call Roku Customer Service At Toll Free: +1-888-277-0610

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  • Single TV
  • Full Customizable
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  • Paid Backup



  • Single TV
  • Full Customizable
  • Build & Publish
  • Paid Backup



  • Single TV
  • Full Customizable
  • Build & Publish
  • Paid Backup

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